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Faces of CTE: Adilene Salgado

picture of adilene

Adilene Salgado

Adilene is a first-year Tech Campus student in the Cosmetology program. Enrolled in the PM session, Adilene begins her school day in Waukegan but ends it at Tech from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. For #CTEMonth, she shared part of her story and her motivation to earn a cosmetology license after two years at Tech.

“Tech is such a good opportunity, to get into that career-oriented setting before college,” Adilene said. “Money-wise, this is a great opportunity for me if I don’t end up going to college.”

In Cosmetology, students attend Tech for three and a half hours, much longer than a normal class period in an effort to obtain all 1,500 hours necessary to qualify for an Illinois state cosmetology license. After students obtain a license, it allows them to start working in a salon.

“I really enjoy the program, and would love to work in a salon,” Adilene said. “I really want to make this my career.”

Students learn skills related to hair, make-up, nails, and aesthetics. All students practice on mannequin heads, or real clients once they get to the second year of the program. Adilene is excited to improve her craft and spend more time in the Creations Salon at Tech next year.

“When I’m in the salon, it’s something different from just sitting down all day,” Adilene said. “I get to engage and create things and it’s really fun.”