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Faces of CTE: Aiden Isaacson

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Aiden Isaacson

Aiden is a Senior at Vernon Hills high school, in his second year at Tech in the Construction Skills & Management program. He follows in the footsteps of his older brother, who was in the Criminal Justice program. Aiden said that he knew as far back as an 8th grader that he wanted to enroll at Tech.

“I’ve always had a passion for construction, going back to playing with Legos as a kid,” Aiden said. “I saw that his class was an option for me, and decided to run with it.”

Students in the Construction program have built a house with an attached garage over the past two years, and are currently working on rehabbing their classroom with new walls and flooring. Aiden said that working on a big project has been one of his favorite memories at Tech so far.

“I’ve learned way better hands-on as opposed to sitting in a classroom,” Aiden said. “I hope to own and run my own construction business when I’m older, so doing this now I feel like gives me a head start on everything later in life. I look forward to Tech and doing all types of things.”

Building a house is a massive project, but Aiden said working together with his classmates has made the process fly by.

“Seeing something get built from the ground up, like the house or the classroom, it’s cool to see,” Aiden said. “You’re always working with someone to get it done.”

Next year, Aiden will head to college and study construction management.

“I am ready for the next challenge,” Aiden said.