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Faces of CTE: Steven Sanchez

Steven picture Steven Sanchez

As a Senior at Stevenson high school, Steven chose to return to the Automotive Service program at Tech. For #CTEMonth, he shares his thoughts on why that was an easy decision, and his desire to learn as much as he can about cars.

“I wanted to expand my horizons, and learn more about how vehicles operate,” Steven said. “Everyone drives cars, and it’s a good thing to know and have experience with because you operate a car on a daily basis.”

In the first year of the Auto Service program, students learn how to change fluids, rotate tires, and get exposed to other fundamental elements. In the second year of the class, students go through the “Tune-Up Tuesday” program, where they work on staff vehicles with real problems.

“It’s been great to build off what we learned first year, and get into the engine and electrical systems,” Steven said. “This year, we’re learning how to actually fix cars, rebuild it, and get it back to working how it used to be.”

Students in the Auto program spend most of their time in the shop, working with their hands, which is how Steven prefers to learn.

“Here at Tech I get to put my hands to work and get dirty and actually get into something that I have a passion for,” Steven said. “Just getting to come to Tech is a big privilege, getting a chance to earn college credits and build towards a career.”