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Faces of CTE: Nick Steinberg

picture of nick Nicholas Steinberg

Nick is a Senior at Round Lake high school and returned to Tech Campus this year in the Welding & Fabrication program. For #CTEMonth, he shared part of his story and spoke on his future plans for his career in welding.

“I wanted to see what Welding was about, and later on during my first year I started to really like it,” Nick said. “After that, I started to see it as a job and something I wanted to pursue.

Welding students spend most of their time in the shop, working with their hands and honing their craft. Nick said that was a big part of his decision in returning to Welding for his Senior year.

“It’s modeled after what you’re going to be doing in the workforce every day,” Nick said. “And you have to put in a lot of work to see the final product, but you can see that you’re getting better every time.”

After high school, Nick plans to enlist in the Navy where he will complete boot camp, and then look to start a career in underwater welding. First, he will finish his second year in welding with several certificates and numerous credits from CLC, positioning him as a strong candidate for entry-level welding jobs.

“I wanted to get a couple more certifications, so when I go into the workforce they’ll see that this kid has some experience,” Nick said. “It shows them that I’m ready and that I can step up and do the job.”