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Faces of CTE: Emely Navarro

picture of emely Emely Navarro

Emely is a Junior at North Chicago, and is currently in the first year of the Cosmetology program at Tech Campus. Ms. Navarro aspires to own her own business one day, but first, she is focusing on learning as much as she can and working with as many clients as possible while still in high school.

“I really love doing make-up, and that’s mainly why I came here, to be exposed to different make-up techniques,” Emely said. “Being able to explore and do people’s hair and make-up helps me have more courage.”

Next year, Emely will return to Tech Campus to obtain her Cosmetology license, which will allow her to start working in a salon.

“My long-term is goal is to open a business, because my passion is make-up,” Emely said. “I want to continue my career, and once I have my license I’ll be able to do anything.”

Not only has Emely got a head start on her future career at Tech Campus, but she has also enjoyed ending her school day at Tech every day, and meeting new people from around Lake County.

“Being able to interact with other people, and being able to learn new hairstyles, it has been a great way to open up,” Emely said. “It’s been a great experience.”