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Faces of CTE: Natalia Lusinski

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Natalia Lusinski

Natalia is a Senior at Mundelein High School and is one of the first students to experience Biomedical Science, a new program at Tech Campus. For #CTEMonth, she shared her thoughts on the new program and plans for her future career in the medical field.

“I chose Tech Campus because it was a new experience, and it ended up being a really good choice,” Natalia said. “Now I love coming here every day, and it’s what I look forward to.”

In Biomedical, students are exposed to over 30 different medical careers. Students experience what those careers are like through labs and various experiments, which Natalia said has helped her to understand the concepts.

“We’re learning about the eye now, and we are dissecting it and seeing everything right in front of you helps to have the information stick with you for longer,” Natalia said.

Natalia is planning on attending College of Lake County in the fall, where she will start her collegiate education with several credits already earned through Biomedical at the Tech Campus. She is unsure of what she wants to study but knows it will be something related to labs, after discovering a passion for experiments and problem solving while at Tech.

“I was a little nervous trying Biomedical out for the first time, but ended up being such a good thing because we don’t focus on just one thing,” Natalia said. “Overall, you will really enjoy Tech if you don’t know what you want to do yet.”