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Faces of CTE: Tyler Bever

Tyler picture

Tyler Bever

Tyler is a Junior at Libertyville High School, and for #CTEMonth, he agreed to share part of his story and his thoughts on the Computer Support Services program he is currently enrolled in.

“Honestly, my school doesn’t offer all the courses I want to take,” Tyler said. “Here at Tech, with Computer Support Services, is more into the future that I want to go into, and it has been more advanced topics.”

At Libertyville, Tyler takes all of his core academic classes that are required for graduation, but at Tech, he has the opportunity to pursue something he is interested in and apply those principles hands-on.

“Tech has helped me with basic problems that I can fix myself now,” Tyler said. “Rather than reading just textbooks, you actually are more hands-on with stuff and can better understand it.

Tyler is unsure about returning to Tech next year but wants to pursue information technology and cybersecurity in college. He felt that Tech Campus was a preview of college and what’s to come, and is grateful for the relationships he’s made during his time away from LHS.

“I would totally recommend Tech to anyone,” Tyler said. “The friends I’ve made here -- it’s not often you meet people from Libertyville to Lakes, Antioch, and Warren, all over the county.”