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Faces of CTE: Zach LoPriore

Zach's picture Zach LoPriore

Zach is a Senior at Lakes Community High School. He is currently enrolled in the second year of Computer Support Services at Tech, where students learn how to upgrade and repair computer software, as well as maintain servers.

“I wanted to get experience in the technological field, and I didn’t expect it to be this professional, but you learn a lot,” Zach said. “You get an idea of what the business world might look like.”

Mr. LoPriore decided to return to Tech Campus for his senior year and a more in-depth look at the IT industry in CSS.

“You get an idea of what you’re doing so that it gives you the confidence to go out and apply yourself,” Zach said. “And I think the professional experience is very important.”

In the future, Zach plans to enroll in a university and study Business & Information Technology.

“I think this class prepares you very well for college, with the professional environment and the focus on problem-solving,” Zach said.

The technical skills are at the forefront of lessons taught in Computer Support Services, but Zach felt getting comfortable with the process and equipment was crucial to advancing his career as well.

“I took a risk coming here, but I was confident in myself, and once you’re at Tech follow directions and you will learn quickly how important it is to be professional and accountable here.”