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Faces of CTE: Victor Cohen

Victor picture Victor Cohen

Victor is a Senior in the 3D Gaming & Cybersecurity program. He currently attends Lake Forest high school and plans on graduating in the spring and taking the next step in his programming career. Mr. Cohen came to Tech Campus to expand his knowledge in video game design, and learn more about coding.

“I wanted to switch it up from normal academic classes, and step out and try to do classes that would benefit me in the future,” Victor said.

While coding and programming can be process-oriented and feature a lot of math, Victor enjoys the creative aspects of video game design as well.

“It’s really fun to make your own ideas,” Victor said. “There are no restrictions on how you can make it, even though you have to code, you can go any way you want.”

Now well into the second semester, 3D Gaming & Cybersecurity students are officially creating their own video game, a subject Victor is thriving in.

“It’s been so much fun making our own games,” Victor said. “It’s fun to see how the game works, and learn about the scripts you have to do because they have to be almost perfect.”

Victor plans on going to college after high school to continue his education in programming.

Congratulations, Victor!