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Faces of CTE: Blake Radtke

Blake picture Blake Radtke

Blake is enrolled in the Emergency Medical Services program, where he is studying to earn his EMT-b license. Currently a Senior at Johnsburg high school, Blake shared some of his favorite memories of Tech Campus and goals for the future as a part of #CTEMonth.

“Well, I had a great time last year in the Firefighting program,” Blake said. “I wanted to come back here and pursue EMS to try and get my license.”

In Emergency Medical Services, students have several labs they need to complete as a part of the curriculum, and also have to spend time in emergency rooms around the county.

“Getting the hands-on skills, and stepping out of the classroom has been really helpful for me,” Blake said. “When I go out in the field and do my ride-alongs, and ER time, and not worry about whether or not I am going to mess it up, that allows me to provide the best care for my patients.”

Blake is planning on taking his knowledge of Firefighting and EMS to McHenry County College to pursue his Fire Science degree.

“I will also work on getting hired on to a fire department on a part-time basis,” Blake said. “Then get all of my certifications, and once I am 21 I’ll go for a full-time job.”

Johnsburg is one of three McHenry county schools that send students to the Tech Campus, and Blake is thankful for the opportunity to explore a new school.

“It’s fun to see new faces and experience that, but also get the hands-on experience and meet new people and be in a new environment.”