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Faces of CTE: Foster Rosen

Foster picture Foster Rosen

Foster is a Junior at Grayslake North High School, and is currently enrolled in 3D Gaming & Cybersecurity. Foster shared part of his story with us for #CTEMonth, in which he touches on his career aspirations and motivation to learn more about the IT industry.

“I have always been into video games and technical stuff, and have always been fascinated by the computer,” Foster said. “I wanted to enroll in this class to learn everything and learn how to create games.”

Foster plans on returning to Tech next year to enroll in the Game Programming & Virtualization course, which is a common step for students in the IT programs to aid in their understanding of different programming languages and game engines.

“I would love to learn more about these programs and come back to Tech,” Foster said. “I’ve really enjoyed it so far.”

Mr. Rosen has several goals related to his education and career and plans on working in the IT field after he graduates next year.

“My goal is to finish at least one game, and publish it somewhere,” Foster said. “At the very least I will be working at something IT-related, which is what my dad does so I’d like to follow those footsteps.”

Regardless of future careers and further education, Foster has picked up several skills at Tech that he employs on a daily basis.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people with tech problems,” Foster said. “I’ve always helped my family with any issues they’ve had, and I’m glad I’ve gotten that experience here.”