• FOIA Compliance

    The Tech Campus will post on its website the following:

    1. A summary of of the Tech Campus' purpose. (click here)
    2. A block diagram of the Tech Campus' functional subdivisions (click here)
    3. The total of the Tech Campus' operating budget (click here)
    4. The number and location of all the Tech Campus' separate offices (click here)
    5. The approximate number of the Tech Campus full and part-time employees (click here)
    6. The identification and membership of all boards, commissions and committees which operate in an advisory capacity to the operation of the Tech Campus, or which exercise control over the Tech Campus's policies or procedures, or to which the Tech Campus is required to report and be answerable for Tech Campus operations (click here)
    7. A description of the methods whereby the public may request information and public records (see below)
    8. A directory designating the FOIA officers (see below)
    9. The address where requests for information should be directed (see below)
    10. A schedule of fees permitted under FOIA (see below)


    Methods to Request Information

    FOIA requests can be made in the following ways:

    • Email the completed request form as an attachment to foia@techcampus.org

    • Mail the completed request form to:
      Technology Campus
      19525 W. Washington Street
      Grayslake, IL 60030

    • Submit a completed request form to the main office in person.

    To download the FOIA Request Form Click here


    Directory of FOIA Officers


    • Dr. Sebastian Kapala, Executive Director
    • Joanne Hughes, Business Manager


    Schedule of Fees

    To Be Determined