• Leadership Opportunities

    National Technical Honors Society 

    The National Technical Honor Society is a non-profit organization for outstanding students enrolled in occupational, vocational, or technical programs. In order to be considered for nomination, the student must have maintained a minimum 3.66/4 grade point average at the Technology Campus for the three semesters preceding nomination, have an excellent attendance record, and consistently demonstrate leadership qualities in the classroom, including pride in skilled craftsmanship. First year seniors may be nominated.

    Preferred Graduates 

    In order to become a preferred graduate you must have a "B" or better at Technology Campus, have a GPA of at least a "C" at your home school, engage in at least 15 hours in an internship, job shadow, or community service. 

    Student Ambassador

    Student Ambassador is a student selected by their instructor to represent the program. Duties include explaining the program and its importance to student tours, attending meetings with other student ambassadors to increase success of student participation, assisting students new to their program in transitioning, and participating in open house and the student picnic at the end of the year. 

    Student of the Quarter 

    Each instructor at the Technology Campus has the opportunity to select a program “Student of the Quarter.” The criteria for selecting this student include; academic achievement, good attendance, demonstration of various employability traits including possessing a positive work ethic and attitude, active participation in program activities, and involvement in Technology Campus extra-curricular activities. 

    Program Students of the Year 

    Each Instructor at the Technology Campus has the opportunity to select a program “Student of the Year.” The criteria for selecting this student includes: being selected as Student of the Quarter, excellent grades, excellent attendance, student leadership, and involvement in specific program pathways.

    Technology Campus Student of the Year 

    At the end of each school year, the instructors in concert with administration, select the "most" outstanding student at the Technology Campus, a student that displays the desire, motivation, ability, and compassion to be the very best.