Launch Digital Arts & Information Technology
  • Program Description

    Students learn to think and act as innovators, adept at using a variety of technologies and processes to express ideas and solve gaming and mobile media design problems, as well as execute security measures to keep your data secure. We prepare students to develop software applications and other interactive media for mobile devices such as: smartphone, tablets, and 3D Game Applications that can run on a variety of platforms.

  • What will my classes be like?

    First, you start with the fundamentals of programming. You are able to work at your own pace, understand the basics of programming, and develop problem solving skills. Once you have
    mastered the basics, you will learn what it takes to design a video game from scratch. You will also learn how to create 3D characters and how to animate them. As you learn to program, you will monitor networks and potential threats to the system. You will combine all your skills to explore a career in gaming, mobile app development and/or cybersecurity.

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    Students in this class are eligible to receive 9 college credits from the College of Lake County.

    Year 1:

    • CIT 120 - Introduction to Computers, 3 credits
    • CIT 138 - Introduction to C# Programming, 3 credits
    • CIT 177 - 3D Game Development, 3 credits


    Job Opportunities

    • 2D & 3D Animator
    • Artist/Animator/Director
    • Business Development Specialist
    • C# Programmer
    • CIS/MIS Manager
    • CIS/MIS Specialist
    • Computer Engineer
    • Game Designer/Programmer
    • Information Specialist
    • Lead Designer
    • Creative Director
    • Technical Director
    • Web Developer
    • Mobile App Developer