Launch Emergency Response Technology

    Program Description

    This program prepares students to take the licensure examination of the Illinois Department of Public Health to become an EMT-B. Activities include clinical experiences in a hospital emergency room and ride alongs with local Fire/EMS departments. Students will learn American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR, patient assessment, stabilization, and initial pre-hospital medical treatment of injured and ill patients. Students in this program must be seniors.

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    Learn how teamwork can make a lifesaving difference by mastering rescue techniques used by EMTs. You'll practice CPR, patient assessment and stabilization, treatment of those injured and ill, and transportation of patients. Lessons in anatomy show you how the human body works transforming you into an expert first responder. Work along side emergency room doctors, nurses, and paramedics in area hospital emergency rooms and fire departments during your required 40 hour internship.

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    Students in this class are eligible to receive 7 college credits from the College of Lake County.

    Year 1:

    • EMT 111 - Emergency Medical Technician - Basic, 7 credits



    • EMT-B Licensure
    • CPR Certification


    Job Opportunities

    • Basic/First Responder
    • Career Fire Fighter/Paramedic
    • Contract Paramedic
    • Electrocardiogram Technician
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Emergency Room Technician
    • Patient Care Technician
    • Registered Nurse