Launch Culinary Arts

    Program Description

    This program provides culinary and hospitality education designed to prepare students for the many positions in the hospitality industry. Students will gain skills and knowledge in cold and hot food preparation, nutrition, baking, pastry, menu planning, sanitation, equipment operation, inventory control, purchasing, and front-of-the-house customer service skills. Skills will be practiced in planning, organizing, and preparing culinary creations for special events, competitions and the Tech Campus Deli.


  • What will my classes be like?

    First you will learn what it takes to operate a safe and sanitary kitchen. Then knife skills, food preparation, classical cooking methods, nutrition, menu planning, and inventory control follow. By then you will be ready to serve up your tasty creations in the Tech Campus dining room or deli. You might even have a chance to show off your skills under the direction of a master chef in area restaurants as a culinary intern. Imagine yourself as a chef at a fine restaurant, a pastry artist at a four star hotel, the owner of a successful catering company, or working on a luxury cruise ship while experiencing the taste of success.


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    Students in this class are eligible to receive 10 college credits from the College of Lake County.

    Year 1:

    • HCM 110 - Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, 3 credits
    • HCM 113 - Serv-Safe: Food Service Sanitation, 1 credit

    Year 2:

    • HCM 111 - Culinary Principles I, 3 credits
    • HCM 212 - Menu Marketing and Management, 3 credits



    • Illinois Safe Food Handlers Certificate
    • ServSafe Sanitation Managers Certification


    Job Opportunities

    • Banquet Chef
    • Caterer
    • Food Purchaser/Buyer
    • Food Server
    • Maitre D'
    • Pastry Artist
    • Personal Cook
    • Restaurant Manager/Owner
    • Sous Chef