• Lake County Tech Campus ARP/ESSER III Spending Plan


    Per ISBE, each school district that receives ARP/ESSER funds must develop a plan for use of the funds and provide an opportunity for public input on the plan. Below is a preliminary plan for our district’s allocation. Public input on this plan may be submitted to jhughes@techcampus.org. Joanne Hughes may also be called at 847-543-6014 for input, comments, suggestions, and questions.


    ARP/ESSER Allocation Plan


    ESSER III General Allocation = $245,662 (20% must address learning loss)

    Proposed Expenditures (80% of allocation = $196,529)

    ● Salary and benefits for Nurse, salary for instructors to update and create curriculum, literacy consultant, network risk assessment, student technology

    • Allocated: $160,625

    Proposed Expenditures (20% of allocation addressing learning loss = $49,132)

    ● Salary of and benefits for Professional Development Coordinator

    • Allocated: $85,037


    All expenditures will be dependent upon a successful grant application process.