• Your Choice. Your Future.

    When you come to the Tech Campus, you make a choice to attend and take a class that might not be offered at your home school. Students in the video above have kickstarted their future careers and found their passions at Tech Campus. When you enroll as a student here, your instructors support you on whichever path you decide to follow. Whether that be college, career or both, the Tech Campus helps you develop as a person and start building towards Your Future.

  • Things You Should Know

    1. Our first day of school is August 19, 2019. While most of our member schools will be at Tech on that day, your school may start at a later date. Tech Campus instructors will work with all students to make sure everyone is caught up before curriculum starts in early September.

    2. Follow us on social media @LCTechCampus! We will be posting all summer, and updating current and future students on any projects we're working on. 

    3. If you would like to change the course you are enrolled in over the summer, please contact your home school to change your application. 

    4. To pay the fees associated with each individual program, hover over the Students/Parents tab on our website to find our Fee Payments link. 

    5. For a full list of the college credit available to you through CLC, head to our Dual Credit page under the Students/Parents tab.

  • What's Next?

    You can expect to receive a Welcome Packet in the mail in the latter half of July. This packet will contain materials such as our school calendar, instruction on how to pay fees and more. We'll see you August 19!