• March 28, 2020 Update

    Lake County Tech Campus families,

    Before we head into Monday March 30, 2020, we wanted to provide you with an update with the most up-to-date information we have.

    We have received no further guidance regarding if or when face-to-face instruction or activities may resume. Please know that we have been working closely with our contacts with the State, other districts, and industry partners to prepare as much as possible, and we will share details when official information becomes available.

    Here’s what we can all be sure of:

    • We, along with all schools in Illinois, will remain closed for face-to-face instruction through at least April 7. We will continue to use eLearning to keep learning moving forward on these dates.
    • Illinois State Board of Education is announcing that remote learning will occur for the duration of the suspension of in-person instruction. School districts will not be expected to extend their school year calendar.
    • Instructional remote learning does not eliminate the teacher but instead works to develop a partnership with families to provide instructional remote learning in these difficult times.
    • Students will not be required to master content and will not be penalized for failure to master new content.
    • All Act of God days, remote planning days, and remote learning days will count as actual days of pupil attendance.
    • Our instructors have remained hard at work throughout this unprecedented time preparing authentic opportunities to help students stay engaged and connected to instructors and learning.
    • The excellent instructor prepared eLearning experiences focus on the continuity of learning and creating learning environments that are inclusive of all learners.
    • Instructors will continue to send students daily eLearning lessons along with a daily attendance record. This will continue March 30th through at least April 7th.

    Supporting the Community

    We continue to work with our community partners to offer whatever support we can to those in need. We have and continue the process of compiling resources such as medical personal protective equipment and sanitizing products to provide to local medical organizations and first responders. 

    Please know that the closure may continue beyond April 7, 2020. The situation is incredibly fluid, and the state is waiting to announce what will happen after April 7, 2020, until we get closer to that date.

    As always, thank you for your patience and support as we navigate this difficult time. We will continue providing regular updates as this situation evolves.


    Steve Clark
    Executive Director