Section 6 - Instruction

Philosophy and Goals
Educational Philosophy and Objectives 6:10
School Accountability 6:15
Educational Calendar and Organization
School Year Calendar and Day 6:20
Organization of Instruction 6:30
Program Development 6:40
Student Social and Emotional Development 6:65
Teaching About Controversial Issues 6:80
Special Programs
Education of Children with Disabilities 6:120
Administrative Procedure - Education of Children with Disabilities 6:120-AP
Education of Homeless Children 6:140
Administrative Procedure - Education of Homeless Children 6:140-AP 
Extended Instructional Programs
Instructional Resources
Instructional Materials 
Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Campus Computers and Internet 6:235
Administrative Procedure - Permissible Use of Technology Campus Computers and Use of Technology Campus Means to Access the Internet - Personnel 6:235-AP1
Administrative Procedure - Web Publishing Guidelines 6:235-AP2
Exhibit - Letter to Parents/Guardians Regarding Student Use of the District's Electronic Networks 6:235-E1
Exhibit - Authorization for Electronic Network Access 6:235-E2
Exhibit - Online Privacy Statement 6:235-E3
Exhibit - Keeping Yourself and Your Kids Safe on Social Networks 6:235-E4
Field Trips 6:240
Administrative Procedure - Field Trip Guidelines 6:240-AP
Community Resource Persons and Volunteers 6:250
Administrative Procedure - Securing and Screening Resource Persons and Volunteers 6:250-AP
Exhibit - Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability 6:250-E
Complaints About Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Programs 6:260
Grading and Promotion 6:280
Student Testing and Assessment Program