So hot it's cool. Welders are in such high demand that companies are paying top dollar for people with these heavy metal skills. Imagine a job so portable that you could go to work high up on a sky scraper or even down deep under the sea.
What will my classes be like?
Seeing a project start as a blueprint and end as a metal masterpiece using torch power is just the start. You'll work with a number of different metals like steel and aluminum. MIG, TIG, stick, plasma, laser beam, electron beam, oxyacetylene, and electric arc are some of the welding techniques used to join metal together. Does melting metal and fusing it together at a few thousand degrees sound exciting to you? Welding is used on ocean liners to mountain bikes, construction equipment to race cars, and oil platforms to space shuttles. Welding holds the world together, so get fired up about a hot career in welding. Picture
Program Description
This program provides hands-on experiences gained from extensive practice and application of knowledge in shop safety, oxy-fuel welding and burning, arc welding, (stick, MIG, TIG), plasma arc cutting, and automatic shape cutting. Layout and fit-up, blueprint reading, and weld symbols are used to fabricate a variety of metal projects. The American Welding Society (AWS) recognizes the Tech Campus Welding program as an Educational Instruction Member.
Employment Opportunities
  • Code Pipe, Plate, or Structural Welder
  • Construction Welder or Maintenance Welder
  • Construction Apprentice
  • Maintenance Welder Apprentice
  • Mass Production Welder/Weld Tacker
  • Pipe Fitter Apprentice
  • Robot Welder Technician
  • Structural Iron Worker Apprentice
  • Welder Inspector/Tester
  • Welder's Assistant/Welder Assembler
  • Welding Engineer
  • Welding Foreman/Supervisor
  • Welding Instructor
  • Welding Production Manager
Contact Information