Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement & CSI

Have you ever wondered how DNA solves crimes or what it takes to be a S.W.A.T. team member? Be the hand of justice that upholds the law, protects our rights, and keeps our communities safe.
What will my classes be like?
Have you ever seen Chicago PD or CSI on television and wondered how the crime was solved or why the judge withdrew evidence? You will learn the legal process starting from the investigation, to the arrest, and the law behind it all. You will practice police tactical response maneuvers, courtroom proceedings through mock trials, and collecting evidence at a crime scene. Imagine yourself as a police officer on the beat, a lawyer serving justice in the courtroom, or a detective on the crime scene all while enforcing the laws that make this country great. Picture
Program Description
Criminal Justice
The class will cover ethical considerations for criminal justice professionals and challenges to police officers as well as constitutional considerations for policing. The class will also cover functions and structure of the court and judicial system. Further topics will include correctional institutions, current and pending court cases, juvenile justice and role playing opportunities related to criminal justice.

Law Enforcement & Crime Scene Investigation
This program prepares students for careers in the policing field. The class will focus on police procedures that are standard to a new police officer and the steps that are necessary to take to continue into a career of policing. The class will also explore basic crime scene investigation, interview and interrogation methods, and a study of criminal investigation.

A police background check is required to participate in job shadows, internships, and ride alongs at local police departments.
Employment Opportunities
  • Animal Control Worker
  • Community Service Officer
  • Correctional Officer
  • Court Reporter or Detective
  • Emergency Dispatch Operator
  • First-line Police Officer
  • Forensic Officer
  • Homeland Security
  • Judge, Lawyer or Paralegal
  • Parking Enforcement Officer
  • Police Cadet or Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Security Guard
  • Transit/Railroad Police
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