Computer Support Services

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your own computer to play a new game? Learn all the basics and more about how a computer works.
What will my classes be like?
Does the challenge of dismantling a computer and putting it back together sound cool to you? As a computer technician, you will know how to fix basic and advanced computer problems. You will learn how to troubleshoot hardware and software issues and how to upgrade computers for the latest high powered applications. Before you know it, you will be able to build your own computer. Power up your future career in computer repair. Picture
Program Description
PictureThis program will prepare students for careers in the computer field. Students will install, maintain, upgrade, and repair computer hardware & software on workstations and network systems. This program will prepare students for the A+ Certification Exam. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to diagnose hardware or software failures and perform the actions necessary to correct the problems based on knowledge of the system's operation.
Employment Opportunities
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Technician
  • Information Specialist
  • MIS/CIS Manager
  • Network Support Specialist
  • Software Specialist
  • Systems Administrator
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