In November of 1972, Superintendents from Lake County Schools met to discuss the need for a new vocational center. A referendum was held and passed in December of 1973, and groundbreaking began July 10, 1975. On September 1, 1977, thirty-three buses from nineteen participating high schools transported 1,230 students to the Lake County Area Vocational Center for the first day of classes.


American education recognizes two basic needs common to all people.  First, it recognizes the need for basic general education required to participate fully as a socially responsible citizen.  Secondly, it recognizes the need for each person to possess those specialized skills and knowledge required for economic productivity.  It is the intent of the Technology Campus to be the vehicle by which an individual will be able to realize his/her full potential.

 Mission and Vision Statement

Mission: We are a "School of Opportunity" that encourages a passion for learning and provides excellence in teaching and technology in partnerships with our community members.

Vision: The Technology Campus strives to be a "School of Opportunity" for all students offering excellence in teaching, technology, and school business partnerships.

Values/Beliefs: To develop human resources so that every individual has the opportunity to develop and utilize his or her optimum capacities. To be responsible to the talents and skills required by business and industry, to be flexible and expedient to the needs of students and stakeholders, to develop faculty and staff to their fullest capacity while focusing on the future, and to practice good citizenship in our communities we serve.


Students enroll at the campus on an elective basis in their junior and senior years from each local high school. The Technology Campus has served nearly 42,000 students since opening its doors. The present enrollment of 1,590 students is drawn from a countywide 9th–12th grade enrollment base for the participating districts of approximately 19,000 students.